LKSC at Paddle Round Pier – 2013

Paddle Round The Pier invited LKSC to host a community stand this year and with the help of the Brighton Kite Academy, BN1 Kitesurfing, Evolution Kites and Snow Camp aka Big Charity Downwinder we just about managed it.

We really appreciated all the help we received from members who came to help run the stand; special thanks to Andrina Kelly and David Funnel who both put in long stints both days. Our resident artist Alberto for painting us a big sign for the stand, Gary Levett for providing some brilliant prints to exhibit kiting at Lancing and finally Lancing Parish Council for providing us with some tables.

It was a really great opportunity for members of the none kitesurfing general public to chat to us and get a better appreciation of the sport, hazards and understanding of the equipment we use. It was also really great to meet kiters out of their natural habitat – we didn’t always recognise people without their wetsuits.

For anyone who might have missed it, here’s the link to the Big Charity Downwinder:

and here’s some more pics of the day