Lancing Kitesurf Club is supporting the Governments and BKSA guidelines

We would like to advise you that STAYING AT HOME is the best and most diligent thing you can do right now. It might not be the most fun. And we all know how hard it is not to get out there on a sunny windy day.

We might not all fit into the vulnerable categories as you might consider yourself young and healthy. But I expect we all have or know of someone who might be elderly or vulnerable, and I am sure you would all like to help and protect them if you could.

We cannot tell any of you what to do or how to behave during this very unique and challenging time. That is up to you and your discretion.

However we do ask to be sensible and take any unnecessary pressure off the NHS and local hospitals.

Many kiters who use lancing beach are learners and beginners and you should not be solo kiting under any circumstances.

During these hard times please think about our club affiliated schools who do so much for the LKSC, and may need your support during this time. Vouchers can be purchased for both schools for a variety of lessons.