Report all incidents you see

You can do this to the club, or directly to the BKSA. Here are the various methods that you can do this.

Facebook Page – Lancing Kitesurf Club
Email –

Direct To BKSA ( National Governing Body )

Official incident reporting –


Please consider the follow when you go kitesurfing

  • If in doubt, dont go out.
  • Do give way to all other water users, kitesurfers are extremely nimble craft. We are able to get out of other water users very easily.
  • Do respect swimmers, and the sailing club and stay out of their way
  • Do respect the zones, stay out of the swim zone, stay out of the kite learning zone, stay out of the sailing clubs racing course’s when they are in place.
  • Do not ride by yourself.
  • Do not fly kites, launch or land on beach green.
  • Do launch and land in the approved areas.
  • Do use your judgement about the correct kite size to fly.
  • Do consider the tide and sea state when assessing if it you are capable of kiting at the beach. Generally the ideal conditions are 2hrs either side of low tide, but this can vary depending on the size of the tide.
  • Do talk ask for launch and land assistance from other kitesurfers.
  • Do ask other kitesurfer who have been on the water what the wind is like, the wind strength can often vary considerable in Westerly winds, with the wind speed being 10mph stronger 100m off the beach.
  • Kite size’s power vary considerably between brands, just because somebody else is on a 10m, doesn’t mean you can rider your 10m. Use your judgement.
  • Do look at what the clouds are doing, they are a great indication of what the weather is going to do next.
  • Do look at the latest weather forecasts before you go out.