New Weather Cam

We have just installed a live web-cam so you can check out the beach before heading down. Thanks to for helping getting the stream up and running. Unfortunately if you are on Android Phone, the stream does not play on the default browser. So you will need to install FireFox browser from the play store.

The camera is current in Shoreham, but will move up to Lancing once we sort out it new home.


Foil Racing + Demo Day 28th & 29 April

On the 28th & 29 April we are pleased to annouced a Foiling competition and demo day. Racing will hosted directly outside of Perch Cafe and a midday high tide will make for excellent viewing.

Please enter the foil racing using the button below. Participants must have 3rd part insurance. We recommend BKSA for this.

Wind Farm Warriors

Benjamin Vernieres, Olly Lawrence and Duncan Hague became Wind Farm Warriors, making it out and back to Rampion in record time!
Obviously this excursion was well planned, exclusion zones had been reviewed and were always observed, the tides and forecasts confirmed and there was a thorough safety briefing between riders and the safety boat which accompanied the kiters for the whole trip.

Special thanks to Eunice Bergin for the pictures and of course Alexander Hole of the Perch on Lancing Beach for safety boat support!

News signs

We are really pleased to have installed new signage at Lancing. This has taken a huge amount of effort to get to this point. Collecting all the information, design and manufacture.

Thanks to Lancing Parish Council for there continued support for kitesurfing, and everybody else who made a huge contribution.

Foil Racing

On the 30 July LKSC held our first foil event, foil-tastic fun was had by all, even though the winds were strong and the waves were rolling in! There was a wide range of abilities and performances, with the focus being on fun, taking part and having a good time!

We are running again at the end of August and end of September, hopefully on Saturday’s but TBC. If you are foiling, starting out or just thinking of it, then come down and check it out, its great even just for some tips and advice!

Special thanks to Alexander Hole, for attempting safety boating! Of course Eunice Bergin, for the wonderful pics!