Can I hire equipment?  No, there are not any local shops which currently hire kitesurf equipment in this area

Can I store my kite gear in the beach hut? No, the hut is used to store our bean bags, BBQ and equipment for our events. The schools also store their rescue craft in the hut.

What are the best weather forecasting websites? In our opinion windfinders .com”super forecast” for shoreham by sea is the best shorerange computer model. For 24hrs forecasting.

For local view and analysis of the weather forecasts, Gavin Baylis weather blog and weather station is by far the best resource available to you.

The club also owns a weather station on lancing beach. It is freely accessible here

Can i get to the beach using public transport? Yes, Lancing kitebeach is just 1mile walk from mainline railway station (LAC). This is 1hr 10min from Victoria and London Bridge.

Is there anywhere to stay if want to make a weekend of it? Yes, New Sussed Hotel has nice rooms for rent, some with sea views.

Why do we need a club? In the ‘Old’ days forming a club was an informal agreement between friends, now days there are real legal liabilities associated with being a member of ‘Clubs’. It is therefore important that we go about this the right way. So when you are joining the club, you are joining our limited company by guarantee… and your membership buys you a limited share of it… more on the money next.

What do I get when i join? You’ll get fantastic insurance via the BKSA. Lancing Kitesurf club doesn’t have armbands, rash vests or club pants. What we do have is a love of the sport and desire to keep kitesurfing safe and available to all at Lancing.

The costs the club will incur relate the maintenance of the club beach hut, and the costs around managing the company in the form of accounting. The rest will be used for BBQ’s etc…so get involved.

We have no plans for any member to profit from this club, this is not a business.

Please remember that no-one involved with Lancing Club is profiting from their involvement. Everyone is volunteering their time for free to ensure that kitesurfing can continue to be enjoyed by all at Lancing.

Do I really need insurance? – Yes This will ensure you, your fellow kiters and the general public are protected in case there are any incidents.

What if I don’t have insurance? The club and it’s members can’t stop you kiting, we simply ask you abide by the guidelines that the club promotes inline with Lancing Parish Council and BKSA advice; which asks for all kiters to be insured. You may be asked by fellow kiters if you have insurance. If you have an real issue with paying the small annual insurance fee, Lancing may not be the best spot for you to kite. It’s not just for your safety but the safety of other beach users and fellow kiters.

Buy your insurance today at BKSA.